National Kids Gym

Virtual summer classes and camps!

We’re excited to announce our virtual classes and partnerships with virtual summer camps around the country! Some are NKG run, others are breaks in larger STEM camps, but all are taught by National Kids Gym’s experienced instructors. Participating is as easy as having a computer and an energetic child. Virtual classes and camps will run all summer long!

Summer classes

National Kids Gym is hosting classes all summer! From hula hoops to jumping over pillows, we promise to keep your child active and healthy with our virtual classes. All you need is a safe, open space, lots of energy, and comfy clothes!


This 35-minute class will allow you to learn and love the art of hooping! Jenelle brings years of experience to these classes and a passion for hooping. She will lead us through stretches, strength, waist, arm, hand, and even leg hooping. Bring any hoop you have at home and follow along.

NEXT CLASS: Monday, August 17 at 3:30pm


Let’s get moving and grooving with gymnastics at home! Each week we will focus on a new topic, handstands, and rolls, and jumps, oh my! Make sure you have a safe space for exercise and movement in the home. Perfect for children in Kindergarten through 3rd grades with lots of energy! Join us for lots of fun refining some basic gymnastics skills.

Class is held every Tuesday from 3:30 – 4:00pm from June 23 – August 18


Summer cAMPS

We’re partnering with summer camps all over the country that have gone virtual for the summer to bring to bring our basic gymnastics and physical activity skills to their programs. From a STEM camp that needs a movement break, to a critical thinking camp that will engage your body and mind, and even a camp focused solely on increasing gymnastics skills, your kids will be sure to stay engaged and active at home!


Online Summer STEM Camp
Preschool - 6th Grade

June 15th - August 28th
Weekly Sessions


Virtual Critical Thinking Camp
Ages 4-7

June 22nd - July 31st
Weekly Sessions

Want something Special?


Just because you have to stay at home, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your birthday with all of your friends! National Kids Gym will facilitate a 60-minute virtual Zoom party. Each party will include socialization between you and your friends, gymnastics activities, and time to sing to the Birthday child!

Let’s celebrate together!


Is your child working hard to finally master their handstand, cartwheel, back walkover

Virtual private gymnastics lessons will help your child progress to the next level! Private lessons allow for one on one attention from the teacher with a curriculum created specifically to match the interests, skill level, and goals of your child. 

Inquire about a private lesson today!

Virtual Summer FAQ

All you need is a space large enough for your child to perform exercise and movement where they will not run into anything. Approximately 4′ x 8′ of open space. This can be a kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even outside (if you can bring a computer outside)! 

No! Our classes are designed for beginner to intermediate gymnastics with little to no experience. We will start slow, focusing on stretches, strength, and body awareness. Then we will introduce gymnastics skills that the students are comfortable with accomplishing on their own. Once they show us they can accomplish those skills, we will add on and push them outside their comfort all while staying safe. 

Our classes are designed to be small and intimate! We want your child to be an active participant in each class, not just watching a screen. Your child will receive individual attention in each class! We want to connect with each student individually and give them a chance to get to know the other kids in class as well.