National Kids Gym

We bring the gym
to you!

NKG is a mobile gymnastics program that brings gymnastics on-site to daycares and elementary schools in the philadelphia region.

Daycares & Preschools
Ages 2-5

After-School Program at Elementary Schools
Ages 5-9

keep the kids moving from home!

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Keeping your kids active teaches them more than just to stay healthy, it teaches them…




Both of my kids love gymnastics and Miss Katie. They always have a ball and look forward to seeing her every week! Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and she makes time to connect with every kid she meets. She's great!"
parent of
"on my own"
The instructors do a great job of managing time with students as well as allowing them to individually express themselves. Their approach is creative/fun/supportive/esteem-building. Miss Katie seems to pour her heart and soul into her work and demonstrates a genuine care for each child as she prompts their involvement, encourages and reinforces their efforts. In her follow up videos, she breaks down the task into steps and encourages adding onto skills in various ways once mastered.”
Parent of a virtual
"zoom-nastics" student
The teacher-she is 100% of the reason we love this program! She is engaged and has such an amazing attitude with the kids. I can see the challenging dynamics of teaching a class of tween girls and she is the perfect person to handle their energy."
Parent of A